'Pennsylvania Dutch' has the same characteristics as 'English' thyme. Use it to make a nice cup of the salad vinegar. Thyme is slow to release it flavour when cooking, so best to add it early on when used homemade soups.
This hardy perennial, evergreen grower does just as well as'Common' / or 'English' thyme. Plants it garden, have it cascade on rock walls. 'Pennsylvania Dutch' grows a height of approx. 12" in common. One 4" plant should spread to about 12-24" in diameter with pink flowers. Best when harvested best back old dried blossoms to promote new growth and keep compact.
When blooming, 'Pennsylvania Dutch' thyme does well in garden to attract bees, butterflies and neactar to honey bees as well. Dried leaves are used in teas, sachets and in potpourri.
This variety has large oval, dark green, scented leaves. Enjoy it as would 'English' thyme. Known to be deer and rabbit resistant.
Winter Hardy to US Zone and up.